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Flash for Everyday?!

2011-02-19 04:54:22 by rebornMCW

Day One!

Until the end of Feb I'm gonna do a flash per day so stay tuned! I'll try to not make them all bad either!

Also those ponies got to me! Damn I love em. Dont tell Dia though (here's a link to her profile so you can see her awesome art and not tell here about the ponies! Thats how much I trust you!)

Also check out nikkinaks deviantart while you are here as she made this awesome gif of me!

Flash for Everyday?!

Daily 4th?!

2011-02-16 21:10:17 by rebornMCW

I did not expect any award but nonetheless I will celebrate anyways! Dance now!

Daily 4th?!

Daily Feature?!

2010-02-08 00:06:29 by rebornMCW

Time to throw a party!

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Its gonna happen!

2008-09-10 15:56:48 by rebornMCW

I plan on making something BIG. I MEAN HUUUUUGE!