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I've seen this several times through finding new things each time. I like the individual stories going on and their conclusions. Really solid music video direction, the song is not my favorite but works well with the visuals. Good job!

digsBot responds:

Ah man, that means a ton coming from you! B)

I've already watched this 4 times all the way through, I love it! Animation is great, the delivery of the jokes are really funny, voice acting is wonderful. So good! I'm gonna go hit the showers.

Sexual-Lobster responds:


What a beautiful world to live in. Great animation as always! The dad was hilarious. The sax head strap on is probably my preferred weapon of choice. The backgrounds are really well drawn and quite nice to look at. Hope to see even more from you!

Sexual-Lobster responds:


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This game is addicting

Probably because the last song keeps kicking my ass at 78% on hard but this is fun nonetheless! Great game!

Finally Beat It!

Would give it a 10 out of 10 but the game simply drove me to madness at some points. Very gratifying when I got all the portals though. It had great atmosphere, writing, exploration, and puzzles. Im not the best at puzzles (still can't beat Braid) but I do enjoy them time to time. Great game.

My god is this hard

After I beat the first song, I was feeling good. After that, I get easily surrounded its crazy. Kinda fun though

bloo-apple responds:

I am not sure how to really hard to make the difficulties for the songs when I am making them, so I just do a bunch of difficulties all around. I mean I am able to blow through all these songs no problem, but when I watch my parents play they keep falling into the same traps over and over. So all I can think of is practice and remember the directions the note come from every time you play. Thanks for reviewing, this is always good to note. :)

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I can't stop listening to this. This is amazing! I really can see you being big with this track. Makes me feel completely energetic and ready to get hard. Oh god the RAMPAGE drop is soooooo good! Definitely will be following you.

Acid-Notation responds:

Glad to have a new follower!

Tough Battle

I didnt like the first verse of Icon's but loved his 2nd. Redmongoose's style was just fucking awesome but it wasnt that harsh. But Damn did I want to hear more of him, my votes for Redmongoose.

R-Aveng biiiiiig time.

Fucking loved the beginning. Good shit

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That's pretty awesome

OMGguy4 was that one purpose?

This is Perfection

Well played good sir! This better make the calender!

Osuka responds:

Thanks, I hope this gets into the calendar, the good sumissions are coming really fast :D

My elbow itches.

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